Introducing The Friday Five

Welcome to “The Friday Five,” our new weekly post highlighting the most interesting, the most entertaining, or in some cases, the most obscure topics of the week (at least according to us!).  Whether you were living in a hole for a week and want to see what you missed, or if you’re searching for others to discuss that article/video/speech/whatever that blew you away, this post is for you.  Comment, ask questions, add to our list, or just enjoy!

weekly-roundup2So, without further ado, here’s this week’s rundown:

  • Actually, we’re going to start by breaking our own rule.  It’s not new this week, but the “This is Water” video, a version of David Foster Wallace’s 2005 speech, is a perfect fit for commencement season. Plus, we just really love it! @ gawker
  • A high stakes game of “telephone” determined winners and losers in Facebook’s IPO flop?  A fascinating article illustrating the consequences of differential access to financial information @ The Atlantic
  • And speaking of Facebook, our UVA buddy, Tristan Bridges, has a great blog this week asking whether Facebook is a good measure of the triumph of gay rights. Examine the trends @ Inequality by (Interior) Design
  • Kimberly Kay Hoang’s research on the nontraditional marriage experiences among Vietnamese sex workers and their Western husbands offers new insight into gender, intimacy and migration in a new economy @ Contexts
  • Are we less intelligent on average than people alive during the Victorian era? — This study suggests we are @ HuffPo

Check in again next week to see what makes the list!


One thought on “Introducing The Friday Five

  1. Hoang’s work sounds interesting, especially in light of news that Vietnamese husband’s are taking their brides to China and selling them into brothels…I will definitely be checking it out!

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