Not Today.

Slate has a tendency to be make bold proclamations and generally I appreciate their confident assertion of their beliefs. But not today (or really yesterday). Within hours of the shooting in Newtown, Slate had called the President out on his failure to politicize the tragedy: Right, right, today’s not the day because we wouldn’t want to politicize […]

‘Addicted’ to our devices?

I came across this great study done by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda (ICMPA),and the University of Maryland the other day. They asked college students from 12 universities on 5 continents to go without media for a day, keep a diary about it, and then send it to them (the irony that this […]

Discussing a Thorny Topic

I (Matthew) had a fascinating dialogue on g-chat earlier today with Anne, another one of the contributors to this blog. At one point we began to discuss a recent post on the blog Sociological Images about the practice that is variously known as female circumcision, female genital cutting, or female genital mutilation. The fact that […]

Commercials for him

I often find myself watching ESPN, not because I am a huge sports fan but because I live with one. The sports fan in my house especially enjoys turning on a particular sporting event or SportsCenter and then wandering off during the first commercial break. I could change the channel or turn off the tv […]

States and entities, Palestine and Taiwan

Yesterday the United Nations voted overwhelmingly in favor of changing the status of Palestine from non-member entity to non-member state.  The State of Palestine shares this status with only one other state, The Holy See (which holds sovereignty over Vatican City). Prior to yesterday it shared the status of “non-member entity” with only one other entity, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (a non-territorial […]